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Educationally Amravati city is one of the main educational center in maharashtra state as well as in contry .

Amravati university provide's best courses for student's accros the contry. University Contain

Large no. of arts , science , commerce colleges , also university rules 8 Enginiering Colleges in

which 4 colleges are in amravati city , 1 Medical College (M.B.B.S. ,Amravati) & also has few

Dental, B.P. Ed. , B.H.M.S, D.M.L. Colleges. Also City has 2 Pollytechnics colleges. Here is the top's

colleges in Amravati .

(1) Vidharbha maha Vidyalay (V.M.V.) art, science 11 , 12th , Bsc., B.A., M.A, Msc.

(2) Goverment Enginniering college B.E. in civil eng. , mech. eng , computer eng electronics & tel-

ecomunication , Electrical engg. ,

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Top News Papers of Amravati

[1] Dainik Hindustan :-- This is one of the oldest News paper in amravati possibally in the maharashtra. his

news paper is in his 53rd year . It started by Late. B.V. Marathe 53 yr back in Amravati & now It published in

regional language (Marathi) from 6 cities of vidharba and also rated the highest selling newpaper in the


Email ID :--

[2] Dainik Amravati Mandal :-- This is national language paper (Hindi) published from amravati & edited

my Mr. Anil Agrawal and this paper is evining daily & successfull from last 10 yr. & rated highest selling evining

daily in the 5 distric of western Vidharbha.

Email ID :--

[3] Dainik Deshonnati :- This Marathi daily news paper is also good & progressive. It mainly effective in

western vidharbha.

web site :--

[4] Dainik Matrubhumi:-- This Daily has good based in rural areas.

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Emerjacy Phone No.


Control Room   *********** 100/663200

Badnera Police Station    ***** 681333

City Kotwali P Station    ****** 672001

Gadge Ngr. P Station    ******** 679330

Frezarpura p Station    ******** 662919

Nagpuri Gate P Station    ***** 572069

Rajapeth P Station    ********* 672010

sabanpura P Station    ******** 572463

Traffick P Station   *********** 660330


Denterl College Hospital    ----------- 662166

Govt. Distt Hospital(gen)    ------------ 663337/38

Govt. Distt Hospital (women)    ----- 660982

P D M C Hospital     --------- 662323

Fire Service
Amravati Fire Station     ==== 101
BDE Fire Station     === 681273
Railway & ST Enquiry
Amravati Rly enquiry    ===== 131
Amravati Reservation (railway)    ==== 672052
Badnera Railway Enquiry/reservation    ===== 681333
Amravati S T stand    ........ 663221
Badnera S T stand     .........681222
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Popular public places or Turist spots.

Towards the Badnera Road
Towards The Mardi
Towards Morshi Road
Towards Walgaon Road
Towards Chandur Railway
In The Middle Of City
Amravati Camp
Towards Bhankheda
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Most Favourites turists Spots in Amravati Distric

  • ChikhalDara
Via Paratwada Road , 80 km From Amravati , Bigest Hill Station In Vidarbha .

BhimKund , Panchabol , GavilGad Ford, Devi Point , Mozri Point , Hariken Point,

Goraghat Point, Sunset Point, Rani Garden, Zoo, Sakkar Talaw Are Watcheble Places.

  • Wayagaon
On Partwada Road , 25 km From Amravati , Temple of Lord Ganpati.
  • AshtamaSidhi
On Partwada Road 48 km from Amravati , Mahanubhaw Panthi Ashram.
  • Muktagiri
On Paratwada Road 70 km from Amravati , In Satpuda Mountain ( Series of Jain Temples .)
  • Bahiram
On Paratwad Road , 65 km From Amravati, Yatra Place.
  • Bhatkuli
18 km From Amravati , Jain Tempel.
  • Runmochan
25 km from amravati.
  • Appar Wardha Damp
Morshi Road, 55 km From Amravati , One of The Biggest Damp In Maharashta. also famous as trip spot.
  • Shinganapur
Daryapur Road, 30 km from Amravati, Blak Hanuman Mandir. (Temple of lord hanuman.)
  • Salbardi
Morshi Road, 70 km From Amravati , in satpuda Mountain, Mahadev Mandir.(Temple of lord shiva) .
  • Riddhapoor
Chandur Bazar Road, 45 km From Amravati .
  • Madhan
Chandur Bazar Road , 35 km From Amravati , Shri Santa GulabRao Maharaj Samadhi.
  • Koudhanyapur
Kurha Road 50 km From Amravati, "Place Where From lord Krushna Left Out Rukmani in Mahabharat.
  • Jahangirpur
Kurha Road 40 km From Amravati , Maroti Devastan.(temple of lord Hanuman).
  • Gurukunj Mozri
Nagpur Road , 30 km From Amravati, Tukdoji Maharaj Ashram.
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Map OF Distric.

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