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Me,My self & Me

Name Swapnil Avinash Chaporkar

Date of birth 04 may 1981

Education B.SC. II year

Intrest Comuter programming & ciricket

In my family Mother,father,sister,grandfather

I like to reborn as My self .with same mother & family.

My Nice Little Picture

About my study I am not a good student at all ,I passed my H.S.C. exam in second attempt.

My ambition Become a good son.

most hited thing about self I am very bad conviner.

My ideal person on Earth My mother & Shivaji maharaj .

Likes about some one Controll on anger of my father.


Actors Tom Cruze,Jeff Goldblum, Nicholus Cage , Tom Hanks, Bradd Pit, Dustin

Hoffman,Robert D'Nero ,Amir Khan, Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Rajendra Nath.

Actreses Judy Foster, Julia Roberts, Helen Hunt, Woophy Goldburg, Hilary Swank, Katherin

ZETA Jone, Madhuri Dixit, Sonali Bendre, Lalita Pawar.

Directors Steven Spillberg, Robert C' Bakasis, Jone D'bonet , Michal Bay,Ronald Emrich .

Plan 4 Next

I Launch new Site (Domain) probably in Next Month on some of Serious subject so till wait for that.

'N' I Came with Some Handy, Usefull Software For All Computer Lovers.

My most loving subject is password hacking , so i soon launching site on prevension of hacking so wait 4 that.


Thanking You